40 years of service and commitment

Quality, Security and Confidence


Since 1982

We are a family business founded in 1982 specializing in the repair, maintenance and overhauling of marine turbochargers for the different fishing fleets, merchant vessels, as well as passenger ships.

Our philosophy

WORK towards the satisfaction of our customers, offering them the highest quality in our services, with the commitment to minimize the impact on the environment and on occupational health and safety, and making them see that

Quality, Safety and Trust go united.

UNITE all personnel in the commitment to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of pollution and injuries and deterioration of health, as well as to encourage consultation and participation in all matters related to risk prevention labor and good environmental practices that are relevant.

REFLECT periodically on the processes that are susceptible to improvement, establishing objectives, goals and resources to achieve improvements, as well as indicators to measure performance effectiveness.

STANDARDIZE our way of working so that it is carried out at all times with quality and safety guarantees, promoting the continuous training of our staff in the defined work protocols and procedures.

LEARN and continually improve the results, effectiveness and efficiency of services, managing them as a system of interrelated processes and making decisions based on facts, data and comparative information.

VERIFY that our work processes are effective in dealing with any incidents that may arise in the execution of the work as seriously and quickly as possible, in order to solve them quickly, professionally and efficiently.

ACT continuously to ensure compliance with those legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable in relation to industrial and environmental safety, quality of service, and occupational health, as well as to respect other commitments that the organization has signed or that have been required by our customers and/or interested parties.

ACHIEVE the participation and involvement of our staff, suppliers, customers and other interested parties in the fulfillment and respect of these commitments by working continously to adopt them.



Turnaval has a highly qualified technical staff with extensive experience in the repair, maintenance and overhauling of multi-brand turbochargers.

The continuous training of the staff and their acquired knowledge make it possible to work under pressure in a satisfactory manner and in the shortest possible time. Communication, planning and coordination are the pillars of our human capital.

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